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Accommodation Siófok - Terms and conditions Panorama Kucko Apartment - About us - policy. Welcome and greetings to our future customers!


-Welcome and greetings to our future customers! - Private accommodation, vacation rental, located in the peaceful area of Siófok, just a few minutes walk from the city center and the beach. Fulfilling all the needs, for a carefree vacation: air conditioning, fully equipped kitchen, 1 bedroo, satellite TV available, terrace. Suitable for maximum of 2+2 persons.
The appartment is located in Siófok, near to the beach, and almost in the middle of the city center. The city center is 5-10 minutes walk away from the property, which makes it more peaceful and regarding the comfortable distance from the loud, lively and sometimes crowded hearth of the city. Have a great time, while staying at our apartment!
- Ask for an offer by filling in the form, we gladly answer any of your questions! Don’t hesitate to contact us in English on phone +36302376000 , WhatsUpp, Viber, Messenger!


-COVID-19.- In our vacation rental housekeeping protocols and sanitization standards have always been a top priority in our accommodation. Vacation rental for max. 4 pers., min. one week from saturday - to saturday.


- Online booking- Vacation Rental Siófok - At your service all the year, 24/7, from 60 ,-EUR / day / apartment. - Please be aware of that, asking for an offer does not mean booking! You can get the offer, by filling in the form on the site. Please give as many details as possible, to get the most accurate offer! Your information is handled with care and discretion! The booking is complete and confirmed by transfering the 30% deposit, after accepting our offer. Then we will send you a final e-mail with details and information about the accommodation.
- Customer service: +36 30 237 6000 - in English, German, Hungarian. Phone, Facetime, Viber, Messenger, WhatsApp! +36302376000

Information and house rules ->

- Dear Guests! Welcome to Panorama kuckó Apartment Siófok! - Please pay attention to the information below! If you need to ask for any help, or lack something in the appartment, do not hesitate, to contact us! The information, and house rules below, have been written, to help you to have a carefree and joyful vacation! Some rules are listed in order to avoid any misundersanding or inconvenience. By reading and accepting this information ad rule list, you acknowledge the terms and conditions to provide for you, and the guests coming after you to have this appartment in perfect condition. Please report any damage as soon as possible! And last but not least, have a great time, while staying at our house!

How can I book? ->

- Please be aware of that, asking for an offer does not mean booking! You can get the offer, by filling in the form on the site. Please give as many details as possible, to get the most accurate offer! Your information is handled with care and discretion! The booking is complete and confirmed by transfering the 30% deposit, after accepting our offer. Then we will send you a final e-mail with details and information about the accommodation.

Do the prices apply for the whole apartment or per person? ->

- The prices apply for apartment/day! The prices vary according to the actual season! Watch for the actual discounts as well!

Do I get a confirmation? ->

- After accepting our offer (the offer is NOT equal to confirmation), you should transfer the 30% deposit. Then you will recive the confirmation VOUCHER and all the necessary information.

What to do, if I wish to modify my reservation? ->

- Contact us in e-mail or on the phone! Customer service: +36 30 237 6000 - Hungarian, German, English.

Cancelling of my reservation? ->

- After booking, we request a deposit of 30% of the total price (of course, you will receive an invoice of this after arrival). The booking can be cancelled 30 days before, for free. Within the 30 days intervall, we can not pay back the 30% deposit. In case of you can not come, please contact us as soon as possible!
Customer service: +36 30 237 6000 - on English, German, Hungarian.

How should I pay? ->

- We request a deposit after booking - 30% of the total price. You should pay the rest after arrival, in cash.

Do I get a recipe? ->

- Of course, you will recive an invoice on any service, you request/use.

Keys ->

- Please do not give the keys to anyone, who is not the part of your group of renters. Any lost keys must be reported immediately!

What language can we use to communicate besides Hungarian? ->

- Most of our guests are from abroad, we can speak English and German. For booking and any other form of communication, you can choose from these three languages.

Pets ->

- Pets are not allowed in the appartment.

Is smoking allowed? ->

- Smoking is prohibited inside house! Keeping the house clean and taking care of the guests' health is the priority! All the outside, terrace and balcony are the places to smoke.

Parking ->

- In the garden there is enough space for 1 car. The appartment and the surroundings are safe, but please close the gates and cars if you are leaving the appartment. The owner does not take responsibility for any damage or loss.

Does the owner lives in the property? ->

- The owner does not live in the property, so the privacy of our guests will not be disturbed! The owner and his family live approx 5 mins from the holiday house, so deo not hesitate to contact us, in case of emergency, or having any need or wish.

What should I do if I probably will be late? ->

- It is not rare in the high season, that due to the traffic one can be late. If you can foresee, the possible delay, please call us as soon as possible!

Is there bedding, linens, sheets, towels, etc... ->

- We provide all of the items listed above, except towels.

Cleaning ->

- The guests upon arrival will have the apartment properly cleaned, and also after departure, will be precisely cleaned. There is cleaning equippment in the apartment for the guests as well, just in case. Please use, if necessary!

What happens if I need to leave earlier? ->

- Unfortunately, situations like this can occure. I case of earlier departure, we can not refund the cost of remaining days.


- Please use all the equippment carefully! Try to leave everything as clean as possible. For example leave the cutlery, tableware and microwave clean, and use the cutting boards for cutting. Do not put hot bowls and pots on the counter or table, put them on the underplates!

Breakage, or faulty facilities ->

- It can happen to anyone, that - without intention - during usage, something breaks or gets out of order. Please report any malfunction or breakage as soon as possible! We will do our best to repair or replace the item. It is equally unpleasant for the owner and the guest, if the problem is revealed after departure. The cost of the damage must be refunded by the renter.

Ventillation - Air conditioning ->

- Airing the rooms of the appartment is also an important part of keeping your environment clean. It is especially important in the bathroom in order to avoid mold, open the window of the bathroom after showering. Please ventillate the other room at least one time a day, for about 5-10 minutes! Theair conditioning can be used.

Safety-first ->

- We kindly ask our guests to close the doors and gates, when keaving the appartment, in order to avoid any damage or loss caused by an incidental break-in or weather. Make sure, that all members of your company understood and accepted the house rules! Be cautious, when using facilities powered by gas or electricity, especially the gas stove and electric kettle.

Trash ->

- There are multiple trash bins in the house. For communal waste, in the kitchen and garden, for cosmetic and higenic products, in the toilette and for recycling you can find bags for paper, aluminum and plastic. Please do not throw anything in the sink, drain and plughole, that can cause blockage.

Keep it calm and quiet ->

- Please be considerate of the quiet hours of the peaceful neighbourhood of working and relaxing people. Try to be quiet between 20:00 and 8:00 around the house. If you wish to take part in active programs, you can find them on the beach and in the city center.

Emergency ->

- In case of necessary or urgent repairing the owner and/or a repairman can enter the property without informing the guests. The belongings and personal space of the guests will not be violated in any way!

Responsibility ->

- The owner is not responsible for any of the guests belongings.

Contact - Arrival and departure ->

- The accommodation can be taken on the day of arrival from 15:00. On the day of departue, the guests should leave the house by 10:00. The owner holds the right to check the house and facilities before your departure, to make sure, everything is in good condition. By signing this paper, you understand and accept the terms and conditions! Thank you for your attention! We wish you an amazing holiday!

Owner: Kerekes Family
Address: Hungary, 8600 Siófok Vitorlás utca 13.
Phone: +36302376000 - in English, Hungarian, German

Why to Siofok? - Arguments, Informations ->

- Lake Balaton, Summer holiday, Party, Relaxation, Leisure? - Let's go to Siofok! Hoteles, private accommodations, hungarian hospitality, programs, clubs, bars, discos, Siófok Plage
- because Siófok is the capital of the summer time and the Lake Balaton. - - because Siófok is the second well-known hungarian city in abroad after Budapest.
- because Siófok gives place for a wide range of great hotels and hospitality.
- because in Siófok not only the young have a great time, but also families and seniors.
- because in Siófok the hospitality is a tradition.
- because the Balaton Fish Soup tastes supremely in Siófok.
- because the famous Pike-perch fish of Balaton „Balatoni Fogas” is the best in Siófok.
- because in Siófok there is no end of places to have a lot of fun: Renagade, La Siesta, Siófok Plázs etc.
- because the word-famous operett author Imre Kálmán was born in Siófok. - because the quests of Siófok are attracted by many-many parties and programs.
- because you can find the biggest port of the Lake Balaton in Siófok
- because Siófok has its own airport, at the moment only for small airplanes.
- because in Siófok you can find one of the best installed hospitals of Hungary.
- because the Dialysis Center is located in Siófok for the neighbourhood and for tourists.
- because Siófok and its area are cleaned from the mosquitos in the whole summer :).
- because you can find the most popular plage of Hungary.
- because the public places of Siófok are well-kept and clean in the whole year.
- because Siófok is a small town during the year and a metropolis in the summer - in Winter 25.000, in Sommer time: 300.000 people!!!
- because your money is worth more in Siófok.
- because no-one is bored in Siófok.
- because anyone can relax in Siófok.
- because you can have a bath in drinking water in Siófok.
- because the night are the hottest in Siófok.

Your Landlord
: Kerekes Family
Address: 8600 Siófok Vitorlás utca 13.
Phone: +36302376000 - English, German, Hungarian


Varga család

Debrecenből érkeztünk kíváncsisággal telve Siófokra. Az elmúlt években külföldön nyaraltunk, 2020-ban a pandémia miatt a Balatont, Siófokot választottuk. "Telitalálat" volt az Anna Ház. Csak mi voltunk, de tényleg nagyon közel mindenhez, ahogy a honlapon is szerepel. Sokat sétáltunk és kerékpároztunk (bicikliket is kaptunk). A strand kiváló, nagyon közel van. A belvárosi elhelyezkedéshez képest minimális forgalom (lakó-pihenő övezet). A házban minden van amire szükségünk volt. A házigazdák nagyon aranyosak és segítőkészek. Ár-érték arány kiváló. Ami rossz volt ..., hogy lejárt a szabadságunk! :) Nagyon köszönjük, még találkozunk!


Kovacsik család

Sokáig kerestük a megfelelő szállást Siófokon, míg végre megtaláltuk az Anna Házat.
Temérdek szállás portálon végigmentünk, majd simán beütöttük a keresőbe. A honlapon minden információt megtaláltunk, képeket, videót is. Nekünk hiteles volt ... és nem csalódtunk. De igen, csak nagyon pozitívan! :) Elegáns a környék, szép a kert, a ház, kedves vendéglátók, akik a közelben laknak. Biztosan jövünk még, ha tehetjük. Szívesen ajánljuk bárkinek! Köszönet érte!


Ralf Hesse

Wunderscöne Lage ganz nah zum Wasser (Plattensee). Das Haus ist sehr sauber, gut Ausgerüstet, klimatisiert + WIFI + Tv deutsche Kanäle auch. Der Gastgeber ist ein sehr netter Kerl, Taxifahrer, spricht hervorragend auf Deutsch und hat uns auf eine Weinverkostung gefahren. Klasse! Danke Emil und die Familie, wir kommern bald wieder!


Gabi és Robi + a három gyerek

Mindent köszönünk, a gyerekeknek is nagyon tetszett. Nagyon jól felszerelt ház, nagyon közel mindenhez, most végre autó nélkül mozoghattunk. Pozitív, hogy kaptunk bicikliket is, így könnyen ment apa reggelente friss zsemléért. Bizosan jövünk még!


Accommodation address: Hungary 8600 Siófok Rigó u. 12.
Telefon: +36302376000
NTAK code: 69419968
Accommodation registration number: 3790/2019
Tax number: 69419968-1-34
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Bokros Család

Hungary 8600 Siófok Rigó u. 12.
NTAK code number:69419968
Registrations number
: 25697297
Tax number: 51336985-1-34
Phone in English: +36302376000